Our Calling

The work of New Hope Housing is at the nexus of education, health and healthcare, law enforcement and the criminal justice system. See these issues in a broader context, making their connections clear. It makes the case for why New Hope Housing’s mission to provide high-quality affordable Housing + Services is more important than ever.

Reed Family Clinic Ribbon Cutting

New Hope Housing, in collaboration with Healthcare for the Homeless Houston is pleased to announce the opening of the Reed Family Clinic at New Hope Housing Reed. The Reed Family Clinic provides whole-family care for the families living at NHH Reed with an aim of breaking the cycle of intergenerational homelessness and poverty through health and stability.

Housing + Health

The relationship between affordable housing and health is fundamental. In this video, experts in the field look at affordable housing through the lens of health, making the case that providing safe, stable housing is not only cost-effective, but also critical to the establishment of a healthy life.


It can be difficult to find neighborhood support for multi-family housing – especially for low-income and homeless populations. We believe, though, that the problem is not housing for the homeless, the problem is homelessness. New Hope Housing provides high-quality housing that allows low-income and homeless people a way to escape life on the street, creating safer and healthier neighborhoods for all.

Living with Toxic Stress

Housing quality is incredibly important for a child’s ability to be healthy, learn, and succeed at school. Stressors such as homelessness are particularly impactful for children under the age of three, when brain development occurs at the fastest rate during any period of human life. New Hope Housing provides a safe, stable, and stimulating environment for our residents.

The Other

Law enforcement is often on the front lines of homelessness and mental health. But are these criminal justice issues? Or public health issues? Where do people go who are in need of a safety net? New Hope Housing provides safety and stability, the foundation that everyone requires in order to thrive.

Hope During COVID-19

We have adapted! In these COVID-19 impacted times, New Hope’s essential Housing + Services continues. Enjoy this brief message from one of our Community Managers, Candace Smith.


New Hope Housing believes that architecture matters, and that we all rise to the level of our surroundings. We build quality housing that allows our residents to live with dignity. For us, beauty and quality are synonymous.

History of New Hope

Enjoy this brief video about New Hope’s founding through the power of philanthropy and with impetus from the People of Christ Church Cathedral-Episcopal.

Who We Are

Learn more about New Hope Housing and the lives impacted.

NNH Reed Grand Opening

Learn about how New Hope’s Reed community has helped serve vulnerable families and their children since its opening in spring 2018.

Make Room USA Journalism Study Tour

New Hope hosted the 2018 Make Room USA Journalism Study Tour, which included a tour of our new Harrisburg SRO.

Health and Wellness at New Hope Housing

See how New Hope’s Resident Services team brings supportive programs onsite to help with our residents’ physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

“Goodbye Hamilton, Hello Harrisburg”

Watch as New Hope Housing closed its Hamilton property in early 2018 and developed and moved into Harrisburg, our first mixed-use development community.

NHH at Harrisburg – Summer 2017 Update

See how Harrisburg is helping spur economic development and revitalization in the East End.

New Hope After Harvey

Through our affiliate, Harvey Response Management, New Hope Housing is managing temporary housing for individuals displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

NHH at Reed – Spring 2017 Update

Watch this exciting construction update video on our Reed project.

Perry’s Closet

Find out what fun, fashion event has been going on at our Perry location!

NHH at Harrisburg – Spring 2017 Update

See the exciting progress we have made on our New Hope Housing at Harrisburg mixed-use development.

NHH at Reed – Fall 2016 Update

Enjoy this construction update video on New Hope Housing at Reed, which broke ground in October 2016.

Chase Bank Community Development

New Hope Housing at Perry came to fruition by the efforts of many committed stakeholders, particularly Chase and their Community Developing Banking.

The Meadows Foundation

We are grateful to The Meadows Foundation for producing such an amazing video and highlighting New Hope Housing at Rittenhouse.

Joy In Our Town TV Interview

Watch New Hope Housing Board Director, Teshia Judkins, and VP of Fund Development/Communications, Nicole Cassier, as they discuss the impact New Hope makes in Houston with public affairs TV show host Coppelia Rivera.

Resident Stories

New Hope Housing makes a difference. Watch our latest video and learn how we affect lives in the most positive way.

ULI Development of Distinction: Brays Crossing

ULI-Houston honored Brays Crossing with the 2011 Development of Distinction Award. Later that year, Brays Crossing received the ULI Award for Excellence in the Americas. This video was presented at the ULI-Houston awards ceremony.

ULI Development of Distinction: Rittenhouse

In 2015, New Hope Housing at Rittenhouse won the Development of Distinction award from ULI-Houston in the not-for-profit category. This awards ceremony video highlights some of the key features that lead to Rittenhouse being a true success.