For more than 27 years, people have been at the heart of New Hope Housing’s mission. We help residents mend their lives by providing beautiful, affordable Housing + Services. Our approach is smart and levelheaded, and our results have real human impact.


The built environment has a profound effect on the human spirit. Our well-designed, stylish and sustainable properties win awards and accolades nationally and internationally. As long-term solutions to the problem of homelessness and inferior housing, each property is a vital part of its surrounding community.


Beyond bricks and mortar, New Hope Housing’s Resident Services Program offers specialized support services to help people climb out of the tenuous situation of life on the streets and on the edge, to repurpose and stabilize their lives. Once people have a place to call their own, a place for which they can be proud, they can begin to move forward to heal other parts of their life as well.


For 25 years, our sole focus was on serving adults living alone. We now serve families with diverse needs and on low incomes as well. We remain nimble and opportunistic to meet the needs of Houston’s growing and diverse population. Our Community on Reed Road includes 187 units with one, two and three bedrooms. An important on-site collaboration with Star of Hope strengthens the continuum of care.


Our proven business model leverages public and private dollars, making the most of funding from all sources. We carry no permanent debt. Our properties operate in the black, with rents set as low as possible to cover building operating costs and a replacement reserve.